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Swayne Benson Loftis - School Choice Advocate for Springfield and Missouri

Via School Choice and the enforcement of our good laws.
Please contact your Missouri State Rep at and your State Senator at and ask them to support School Choice and enforce our good laws that protect our daughters and sons in public school restrooms and showers.
Below: SPS Board Members Patterson & Renner say they will let males in the girls' restrooms and showers at Springfield Public Schools if school attorney advises them to do so.
Jill L. Patterson SPS Board Member     Bruce Renner SPS Board Member          Transgender bathrooms/locker rooms

On March 23, 2015, SPS Board Members Jill L. Patterson and Bruce Renner, to my shock, publicly announced, “I will do whatever the school’s attorney advises me to do,” when the specific issue was brought up concerning males being permitted to freely walk into the girls’ bathrooms and showers at Springfield Public Schools.

I am Swayne Benson Loftis, twice unelected candidate for Springfield (Missouri) Public Schools school board, 2014 & 2015, and ever devoted to the safety and good education of our children. At the League of Women Voters candidate forum held on March 23, 2015 at the Meyer Alumni Center, a question was asked by the audience, “What will you do to facilitate transgender students in SPS?

I was the first in line to answer this question. I clarified what this question actually meant before answering it. I pointed out that the word “transgender” included any male student that at any given moment says that he feels like a female inside and thus may insist on using the girls’ bathrooms and showers. The moderator confirmed that this was an accurate definition of the word “transgender” and the issue the question was dealing with.

I then told everyone there that “under no circumstances will I permit biologically male students to use the girls’ bathrooms or locker rooms.” I suggested that if it were a significant issue the most special accommodation that I would approve of would be single use restrooms to be available.

With this question and its ramifications made crystal clear with the help of the moderator, both candidates and current SPS board members Jill L. Patterson and Bruce Renner answered this question like unfeeling robots, “I will do whatever the school’s attorney advises me to do.” They made absolutely no other comment on the question. This was their entire answer to the clearly illustrated question.

The previous Obama Department of Justice was threatening to withhold federal funds from all public schools that didn't permit 18 year old so called “transgender” males to walk in to the girls’ bathrooms and showers in our Springfield schools. Some may try to white wash the reality of what is taking place but my description is absolutely accurate. What constitutes pedophiles in suites are trying to sexually violate our children with bully tactics. Do you know what the current “test” for being transgender is? It is this: If you simply think at any given moment that you are the opposite sex on the inside then you pass the test. That’s it.

If we as a community and parents permit this horrific sexual violation of our vulnerable daughters to continue, I believe we will have proven ourselves unworthy of liberty. Our Creator requires us to protect ours and most importantly, His innocent children.

I ask and challenge SPS Board Members Patterson and Renner to renounce their March 23, 2015 public announcements to violate our tender daughters in the Springfield Public School restrooms and showers. I ask challenge them to forcefully stand against President Obama’s plan to sexually violate our tender children in the name of transgender accommodation in our Springfield Public Schools, and to articulate the moral absurdity of the President.

2 Part Solution to this sexual violation of our children: 

 1) Private & Public School Choice immediately and 2) Enforce existing constitutional law that protects rights and dismiss any judge that rejects constitutional law.


1)  The Mo State Legislature needs to create and see that it is enforced, a parental option of school choice with state funds, giving parents an option other than the unthinkable sexual violation of our daughters and sons in mandatory public schools. Many schools will not inform parents of their transgender practices. 

This action is constitutional via Article IX, Section 8 of the MO Constitution that prohibits “…pay from any public fund whatever, anything in aid of any religious creed… or sectarian purpose… or other institution controlled by a religious creed.” This combined with Article 1, Section 2 “that all persons are created equal and are entitled to equal rights and opportunity under the law…”  “Equal rights and opportunity” demand public funds at a parent’s choice to be spent at a school like a charter or Christian school that doesn’t embrace the blind faith religion of Darwinian Evolution.  

I illustrated to the SPS school board in 2006 with a 90 minute presentation titled “My Children Have a Right to an Education Even if They Won't Accept the Religion of Evolution,” showing how SPS are steeped in the blind faith religion of Evolution. The creed is Darwinian Evolution that teaches that life came from non-life and developed to high complexity specifically through a system identified as Macro Evolution or Darwinian Evolution. However, from a scientific standpoint it is absolutely impossible for life and DNA to have developed from such a process thus making Darwinian Evolution, a belief in the impossible thus constituting a religious belief


If one entity, the SPS, are permitted to have public funds to teach the religion of Evolution that dismisses sound science, then other entities must be permitted to use public funds to educate children with honest science recognizing that an intelligent designer and a power beyond our physical world had to supernaturally and deliberately create life. “…Equal rights and opportunity…” (Article 1, Section 2 MO Constitution) demand it to be so illustrating the constitutionality of public funds being available to schools that don’t embrace the blind faith religion of Macro Evolution and the moral bankruptcy that inevitably accompanies it. School choice makes it much easier for parents to immediately dismiss an insensitive public school that the parent feels is bullying, failing, or endangering their child. Opening education to the free market will quickly solve many bullying, failed education, and safety issues.

Furthermore, Article 1, Section 5 says, “…the state shall not coerce any person to participate in any prayer or other religious activity…” The state via Springfield Public Schools routinely “coerce” our tender children (illustrated in my online book at through shameful tactics of humiliation, pear pressure, bogus science and bogus history. Coerced to confess with their young mouths and in the clarity of ink on school tests that Darwinian Evolution is their true creator and consequently that Jesus and the Holy Bible are false. The Bible carefully states that the Earth is about 6,000 years old. Evolution declares Earth to be billions of years old. The Bible and Jesus say that God made the first two people quickly and clearly without Evolutionary processes. Evolution says that humans came about after billions of years of gradual mutations and improvements in life. The two absolutely cannot be reconciled and form very different ethics. Evolution is very comfortable with saying that there is nothing special about our genders or bathroom privacy. The Bible says male and female genders were intentionally created “from the beginning” and warns of problems in life and even God’s punishment on those that do not carefully respect gender and sexuality.

As noted in a recently (2014) used SPS text book, Miller & Levine Biology ISBN-13: 978-0-13-366951, page 570, Students are even forced with the threat of damage to their permanent grade record to “Write a script for a 5-10 minute segment of an evolution documentary and present it to your class. Be sure to: discuss evidence for evolution by bringing in specific examples…” The assignment goes on to list seven more specific bogus areas forcing the children to teach false science as accurate. Remember, it is impossible for life to come from non-life and for DNA to create itself. The state is training our children to believe in and even proselytize others for the beloved state religion of Darwinian Evolution. This is STRICKLY forbidden by our Missouri Constitution, “…the state shall not coerce any person to participate in any prayer or religious activity…” Requiring students to answer test questions in a way that declares Darwinian Evolution as their true creator is an extremely religious activity.  Eternal life is obtained in Christianity by verbally confessing faith in Jesus Christ and in his words (which contain his doctrine).  The state chooses to “coerce” our children to confess with their mouths in class discussion and in the clarity of ink on school test that the processes of Evolution are their true creator. It is eerie how this parallels the rites necessary for one to become a Christian; belief, confession, and then sharing the teaching.


The argument that children that attend charter or religious oriented schools should not be permitted to access their fair share of education tax dollars doesn’t hold up under the Missouri Constitution or under the US Constitution for at least two reasons:

A) Because the Missouri public schools, as illustrated above and illustrated in my online book at, are deeply steeped in the creed of the blind faith religion of Darwinian Evolution which is clearly prohibited when using tax dollars.

B) The “…equal rights and opportunity under the law” rule that says in so many words that if we are going to permit an amendment to the rules for one group, we must also permit a similar amendment to the rules for other groups; “…equal rights and opportunity…”. We cannot financially favor state schools that hinge their entire 2nd thru 12 grade curriculum on the blind faith religion of Darwinian Evolution while depriving schools that reject Darwinian Evolution in exchange for another supernatural belief including the God of the Bible and his mandate that humans follow honesty, kindness, and morality. The Constitution is very, very clear in protecting this equality of “opportunity”. Also, in a landmark decision in 2002, the US Supreme Court ruled that the Establishment clause of the US Constitution First Amendment is not offended by tax dollars being spent at religious schools. ZELMAN, SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION OF OHIO, et al. v. SIMMONS-HARRIS et al, No.00-1751, Argued February 20, 2002-Decided June 27, 2002 (see [4] for details.)

If we fail to act decisively and enforce our Missouri Constitution Article 1, Section 2 “…equal rights and opportunity under the law”  and US Constitution 14th Amendmen, Section 1 “…equal protection of the laws” then we will prove ourselves unworthy of liberty and have let deviant predators capture and abuse our children.

Possible Objections to Parental Choice in Schools:

A) What if parents choose a school that sexually exploits the children encouraging them to engage in sexual activity confusing them psychologically and emotionally, and exposing them to dreadful diseases and teaching them that their children they conceive should be disposed of as waste?
ANSWER: Unfortunately this horrific abuse and demeaning of our children is currently being done to our children in the mandated state schools and is poised to only worsen with 18 year old males now being demanded to be admitted into the girl’s showers in the name of transgender tolerance.  Private schools typically pursue higher self worth and human dignity and state laws protecting children still exist in private schools. It is thus unlikely that conditions will worsen for children with but rather improve as schools compete for students.

B) Won’t Muslims form their own schools and teach the children about the Muslim religion and take time during school hours for their prayers?
ANSWER: This is already taking place in some of our Missouri public schools. Since some public schools actually illegally coerce non Muslim students to take the rites of induction into the Muslim religion, school choice will help parents protect their non Muslim children from being proselytized. State laws that prohibit treason and abuse of children are still in force in private Muslim schools.


C) Won’t there become schools that are run by Satanist and witches that train children in hate, depravity, and the negative behaviors?
ANSWER: Again, state laws that protect children from sexual exploitation and other abuse still apply in any private school including this hypothetical school. It is important to note that there are little to no schools like this in existence now in Missouri in the free market of K – 12 private schools. It is unlikely that there will be a significant problem, if any, with a school of this type under school choice. By giving more control to parents we have less of a need for government administration; the free market always improves quality of a product while reducing prices. School Choice is currently doing just that where school choice is being implemented across America. For more info on School Choice in America please see:

D) Won't private schools be vulnerable to the bully tactics of the government if education tax dollars reach them, destroying our private Christian schools as we know them?
ANSWER: All private schools can reject any payments from any government entity at any time. PLEASE think about children in Missouri that are being forced to attend failing schools. School Choice begins to open opportunity for these precious defenseless children and their parents. No one is required to use their fair share of education dollars. If we break the current selfish monopoly, some really great things can happen for defenseless children and limited resource parents. Please don't let fear mongers scare you into forcing vulnerable children into another decade of failed schools. Please learn more about school choice that is working now in other states at

2) Enforce Existing Law that requires the dismissal of any judge that won’t follow adhere to constitutional law.


The Missouri Constitution states that all judges in our state serve at the good pleasure of the elected Legislature, being permitted to serve only under “good behavior”. Ignoring clearly stated constitutional law is outside the perimeters of “good behavior” and sufficient and legal grounds for the Missouri legislature to remove such judges. To leave them in power is to destroy law, order and social stability. This rule of “good behavior” is also written in the US Constitution and applies to all Federal judges who serve only under “good behavior” as determined by the US House and US Senate.

My friends and Missouri and American family, I ask you to say, “No,” those that wish to in a deviant way violate our daughters and sons in our public school restrooms and showers in the name of transgender sensitivity.

Please contact your state Rep and Senator with the links at the top of this page and ask them to please implement private and public school choice as well as enforce our current Missouri and US Constitutions that protect personal safety, religious rights, and equality in opportunity. Sincere thanks.

I hereby ask our honorable State Reps and State Senators and our Honorable US Senators and US Reps in the name of our Creator, the Supreme Judge of the Universe, to implement private and public school choice immediately via the authority of your office, and also via the authority of your office to swiftly and permanently dismiss any judge that tolerates the sexual violation of our children in public schools by letting males into female restrooms and locker rooms and vice versa and opposes equality in opportunity as detailed above. Sincere thanks.

God be with us as we do what is right and beautiful.

Swayne Benson Loftis    

Springfield, MO


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