Update - What the text books in Springfield Public Schools say as of 2014-2015 with some commentary & some repeated info.   

Together doing what is right, we will touch the light of truth and reason and accomplish these dreams that every parent, child, and educator deserves:

1. Protection of Religious Freedoms


The US and Missouri Constitutions clearly and decisively protect students, their parents, our good teachers, and school staff from being manipulated or intimidated into violating their conscience towards God while trying obtain a K-12 education or earn a living in that industry. Parents will have the power to easily “fire” any school that they feel is unacceptably hostile to their child’s religious faith, safety, or quality of education. Teachers will also have new opportunities that don’t require them to violate their religious faith as our current good laws promise them.

2. School Choice: Education Opportunities Via ESAs or Vouchers. 


Similar to what is currently being done in Arizona and other states, the concept behind ESAs (Education Savings Accounts) is simple: 90 percent of the funds that would otherwise be spent on their child at a public school are deposited into a savings account for parents to use on a variety of approved educational services and products, including private school tuition, education therapy, textbooks, private tutoring, or even college tuition. Permitting smaller class size, access to more technology, and greater school accountability.

3. Greater Economic Opportunity for Teachers with School Choice


Educators will now have free market opportunities allowing them to use their storehouse of creativity and love for students to financially pursue not only traditional teaching but tutoring, running their own specialized schools or classes, more flexible schedules, online and classroom hybrid teaching, and more as parents grasp the dream of tailoring the best education possible for their beloved children. 


I have endured firsthand the brutal and unnecessary indifference and discrimination of the Springfield Public Schools (SPS) via the Springfield School Board and Administration as I illustrate in my online book on this web site. Currently there is an illegal establishment of a particular religion in the Springfield Public Schools that is given overwhelming allegiance by the Board and Administration.

This illegal and forced upon us religion has victims that includes the precious children that God has entrusted us with, their often tired and overwhelmed parents, our many quality teachers that care, and the often unappreciated tax payers.

Above: Picture from Biology book used in SPS explaining Darwinian Evolution as believable. Miller & Levine Biology ISBN-13: 978-0-13-366951, page 570


Even if you believe that the great magnitude and depth of life supernaturally occurred with no "intelligent designer", your freedom to believe that without huge repercussions is not safe as long as the rights of others are not safe.

 As I illustrate in my 2006 presentation (now a nine chapter book, Right to an Education v. the Religion of Evolution, on this web site RightToAnEducation.org) to the Springfield (Missouri) R-12 School Board, I illustrate Microevolution is in fact sound science. An example of Microevolution would be the AIDS virus forming different strands of itself but it will never ever become a cat because of its DNA limitations. However, Macroevolution teaches that life came from non-life and that DNA created itself with no intelligent designer which are both scientifically impossible. At the SPS Micro and Macroevolution are combined into one misleading Evolutionary teaching. That is where the problem is.

 In my presentation I illustrate that the bullying tactics by the Springfield Public Schools have been off the charts. (Again, as I illustrate in my 2006 presentation) if your young child doesn't confess with their mouth and in the clarity of ink on school tests that Evolution is their true creator and consequently that God and the Bible (the SPS curriculum used the very words in demeaning ways at times, please see chapter 5) are false, your child will be publicly humiliated in the class and hounded from 2nd grade through high school and penalized on their important school grades that affect their future. (As I illustrate in my web book, also called my presentation), the SPS systematically use all the parents’ education resources in an illegal effort to mold the vulnerable students, through bogus science and bogus history, to become an Atheist, thus affecting the basis in which they make decisions in life about honesty, morality and the value of human life.


Above left photo is Mt. St. Helens. Right photo is the Grand Canyon.

Page 570 of the currently used SPS Biology book (Miller & Levine Biology ISBN-13: 978-0-13-366951) explains that one of the main validations of Evolution is the modern ability to date rocks. As this website http://legacy-cdn-assets.answersingenesis.org/assets/pdf/am/v4/n4/assumptions.pdf illustrates, using this modern radiometric dating method, 1986 volcanic rock from Mt. St. Helen yielded an age of 350,000 years old, 1954 Mt. Ngauruhoe volcanic eruption rock dated to be 3.5 million years old, and a rock at the top of the Grand Canyon formed by a recent volcanic eruption yielded the same age as volcanic rock deep below the canyon wall – 1.143 Billion years old.

This conclusively proves the undependability of such radiometric dating that is used to argue Evolution as true since volcanic rock conclusively known to have been created in 1986 and 1954 should show an age of only a few decades, not hundreds of thousands or millions of years old, and recent volcanic rock on top of the Grand Canyon should, according to Evolution, show an age millions to billions of years younger than volcanic rock deep below the canyon wall. Even a novice can grasp these powerful concepts and contradictions.

Why is this and much more interesting and very definable evidence (shown in my online presentation) missing in the SPS class rooms and text books? Such omission seems to be necessary to prevent our intelligent and beautiful children from quickly identifying Darwinian Evolution as false. We have a state religion that is an insult to education and an abuser of children and their parents and their freedom to practice their religion without being systematically lied to and harassed. My online presentation further illustrates these facts. Even our Declaration of Independence declares that all humanity is "created equal" by their "Creator" and furthermore "that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights," and if anyone tries to circumvent those rights they have sinned against this "Creator," "nature's God," and "...the Supreme Judge of the world". The issue here is a student’s freedom of religion and the freedom to study Science and History honestly.


With God's kind help, we should not rest until every parent has access to their child's fair share of educational resources similar to what is being done in Arizona now and other states, without them being forced to accept bogus science and the state’s official religion. Any student may continue to attend their assigned public school.

Such choice will allow students to attend the private, charter, or public school of their parent’s choice. This frees parents from the potential bullying tactics and the inherent inefficiencies of an often elitist school Administration. The SPS Administration is (as I illustrate in my presentation, please see chapters 4 through 9) currently forcing a one religion fits all and basically a one size fits all education approach on our tender and vulnerable children, their often overwhelmed parents, and our good caring teachers and school staff. Again, this is very illegal and un-American. Our founding fathers through cognitive thought rightly said in the Declaration of Independence;

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

With this beautiful and powerful truth they accused King George III of violating those unalienable rights granted us by God and used 26 paragraphs describing specifics. Ironically some of their specifics correlate with the arrogance, greed, and indifference that sadly but boldly has been displayed by the SPS Board and Administration. Two examples are:

1) "He [King George III] has refused his assent to laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good."

As I illustrate in my 2006 presentation (available on this web site) to the SPS Board, they have refused to embrace actions, "...most wholesome and necessary..." to let all children under their responsibility have reasonable opportunity to obtain K through 12 education without being forced to put their immortal soul at risk of eternal punishment by giving God's recognition for creation to a mindless and unscientific theory called Darwinian Evolution, and the Board's refusal to let free enterprise education options work its wonders in better service, sensitivity, and savings, "for the public good."


2) "He [King George III] has made judges dependent on his will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries."

Unless Parents, children, and educators come bowing to the feet of the SPS bureaucracy, bowing to their established religion of Evolution, false science and history, and inherently inefficient monopoly, they- parents, students and teachers will be refused access to their fair share of education resources and teachers' to financial opportunity.

You would think that the Springfield Public Schools would have great successes to justify demanding such religious and procedural allegiance to them, but it's not the case at all. Like King George III, the tail seems to be wagging the dog. The public servants are telling the public what is good for them and their children and how it’s going to be. Please note this: Private and religious schools primarily pursue a careful allegiance to honesty, morality, and faith in Jesus Christ. Why is this approach so unthinkable to the Springfield School Board and Administration? There is no good answer and the Constitutional laws that protect equality in education need to be enforced.

God has given us immeasurable resources in our Springfield R-12 school district: Colossal money (over $220 million each year), over 24,000 precious students, devoted parents, teachers and school staff that love teaching and caring for the children entrusted to them, and a free society. If we fail to enforce the good laws of our US and State Constitutions we will have been cruel to parents and their children showing ourselves to be poor stewards of what God has trusted us with in a brief moment in history. Let us only do good and treat our neighbor as we would like to be treated, equality in education opportunity without unreasonable oppression.

The light of truth and reason is calling us. We must have the courage and love for our children and their parents to let the warmth of equal opportunity and fairness touch our skin and kiss the faces of our precious children.

 Similar to my proposal to the SPS Board 8 years ago, Arizona and some other states have a working system of private and public school choice that is leaving parents very satisfied and is helping to break the cycle of greed and unreasonable oppression that has harmed children, intimidated their parents, and digressed education. Under the Arizona program, 90% of some student’s fair share of education resources are put into an account with reasonable directives on how the funds may be distributed by a trustee.  We should treat others the way we would want to be treated. Working together with a kind and inclusive approach we will pull the good traits of family and American brotherhood together that we all share here in Springfield and in Missouri, and make equality in education opportunity happen for all children no matter what a parent’s financial inabilities or the color of skin or religion.

The futile arguments against School Choice in the Springfield R-12 district and in Missouri.

1) The thought that there is no problem so nothing needs to be fixed.

The following is from a 2007 SPS Board statement (one year after they blew off my urgent appeal), they arguing against parental choice in education:

"Public education dollars should remain in public education to ensure strong accountability and opportunity for all students to achieve excellence"

Doesn't that sound sweet, almost like poetry? But the reality is much different. As I illustrate in my 2006 presentation (please see chapters 4 through 9 of Right to an Education v. the Religion of Evolutionon this website), the SPS by official policy have terribly harassed and demeaned students that chose to be honest about Science and History. Furthermore, any parent that goes to significant effort to clearly document this illegal and deplorable activity are not even given so much as an email or post card in response back much less a desperately needed solution as time brings those children to adulthood and the window of k through 12 education slips away.

The board never responded to my presentation concerning my children’s plight, except three years later in a deplorable public humiliation in front of elected officials and other VIPs as SPS Superintendent Dr. Norman Ritter pointed at me and speaking of my 2006 presentation to the board, publicly declared, “This man is wrong!” There was no follow up apology from SPS Superintendent Ridder or the Board or even a late response to my pressing grievances articulated in my 2006 presentation. More on this incident in Book Intro & Chapter 1 tab on this my web site, SwayneLoftis.org.


This indifference is very dark. My children (as well as many others) had the wrong color of religion making them unworthy of even a response back, much less educational resources entitled to them by law, from the Springfield School District.

2) The Missouri Constitution forbids school tax money from finding its way to a school with a religious creed.

This is interesting. It is like a prosecuting attorney years ago trying to shut down Chinese run laundry services in a particular California town. The Chinese laundry service owners were technically breaking a certain law, but as their defense attorney pointed out to the court that white laundry service owners were breaking the same law yet not one of the them had been prosecuted. Thus illustrating that the Chinese descent owners were being singled out for prosecution which is a clear violation of the 14th Amendment, Section 1 of the US Constitution requiring "...equal protection of the laws." The case was dismissed. The Chinese laundry service owners rightly won their case and the darkness of bigotry and uneven enforcement "...of the laws" was rejected giving freedom and equality another breath of air. 


The Missouri Constitution, Article IX, Section 8, it says;

"Neither the... school district... shall ever...pay from any public fund... anything in aid of any religious creed... or to help to support or sustain any private or public school controlled by any religious creed... nor shall any grant or donation of personal property or real estate ever be made by the state, or any county, city, town, or other municipal corporation, for any religious creed, church, or sectarian purpose whatever."

This law is usually used against private Christian schools while public schools get a free pass. This law actually prohibits any school tax money or real estate from being made available to any Springfield “public school”. As I clearly illustrate in my 2006 presentation (online at this website), the SPS are one of the most religious schools in the district, dogmatically avoiding accurate Science and accurate History (as illustrated in my presentation) in their shameful effort to propagate the Religion of Evolution. 

Religion because it blatantly defies Science and History and teaches a series of miracles and impossibilities and non-existent historical accounts as true. I illustrate this in my presentation on this web site.


However, here are some specific examples in a Biology text book currently used in the SPS (Miller & Levine Biology ISBN-13: 978-0-13-366951):

Page 554 says, “…the leap from nonlife to life is the greatest gap in scientific hypotheses of life’s early history.” This page and page 555 go into detail illustrating colorful processes suggesting only by natural means how life made that “leap from nonlife”. Casually ignored is the scientific fact that such a leap by natural means is impossible. Sadly on pages 554 & 555, the SPS also used the same shameful tactics of dishonest Science when giving more delusional processes suggesting the way DNA was created by natural means. The problem here is that it is conclusively impossible for these two things to happen by natural means. From a scientific standpoint, the probability is an absolute zero.

Page 465 is so bold to teach our vulnerable and knowledge hungry children that, “Astonishingly, every scientific test has supported Darwin’s basic ideas about evolution.” Really? How about “the leap from nonlife to life” and the creation of DNA which are impossible to come about by natural means? Life from nonlife and DNA creation from non DNA has never, ever occurred! Never! Yet SPS imply it has.

Here is another of many examples; page 467 says, speaking of the lack of fossil records to support Evolution, “All historical records are incomplete, and the history of life is no exception. The evidence we do have, however, tells an unmistakable story of evolutionary change.” There you have it again, in the face of a profound lack of collaborating fossil evidence, as stated, “records are incomplete”, our children are told that there is “unmistakable” evidence. "Unmistakable"? Education is being mocked by the SPS. Besides the admitted holes in the Evolutionary fossil record, there are enormous amounts of fossils found out of place in the Earth as I illustrate in my presentation, conclusively disproving Darwinian Evolution. These evidences are emphatically kept out of the curriculum. Entire books have been written like, “Bones of Contention” illustrating that the fossil record disproves Evolutionary teaching.


One of many bogus History examples; page 719 says, "Biology & History". "The Evolution of Agriculture." And a chart shows "Barley is grown in the Nile Valley of Egypt..." at “5500 B.C.” There is not one shred of a historical document or reliable archeological evidence to support this claim yet it is taught as a validated fact. As I illustrate in my online presentation, The SPS’s own 6th grade Social Studies text book, The Ancient World, copyright 2003, Page 69, says, “According to legend, Egypt’s first dynasty began when a king named Menes (MEE neez) united Upper and Lower Egypt.” Using “legend” not facts, their chart puts Meenes at 2,700 B.C. Furthermore the same text book admits that it wasn’t until 1991 B.C. (about 311 years after Noah landed his Ark on Mt. Ararat) that “Literature and art flourish” in Egypt. It seems that adding 3,500 more years out of thin air is acceptable if it seems to support the beloved Religion of Evolution.

Evolution is unashamedly recognized over and over as our creator and the creator of the magnificence of life in the SPS curriculum. Furthermore, the tender children are heavily coerced to confess allegiance to this religious doctrine.

This Evolutionary doctrine that would accurately be called a "religious creed" states that our supernatural existence came about by a process called Darwinian Evolution and that life came from non-life and DNA created itself, both without an intelligent designer. These are two foundational doctrines of the religious creed of Evolution and they are never lost through any of the curriculum from 2nd through 12 grade. Again, both are absolutely scientifically impossible illustrating their religious nature. A major part of the food industry is based on the fact that life cannot come from non-life. If a can of food is sealed properly, no new life will develop in it as long as it stays sealed.

Cognitive reasoning concludes that only a supernatural force could have made life and DNA happen. To inaccurately teach that natural forces alone could have created life and DNA pressures honest students to embrace an Atheist view and to be contemptuous about the teachings of Almighty God and the Bible or other religious faith concerning supernatural creation.


So, what should we do? Eliminate all funding for the SPS? I think not. As the court saw to be a reasonable solution in California Chinese owned laundries case years ago, either force everyone to follow the rule or no one. The very religious SPS should continue to be permitted to receive public funding for education as well as private religious schools via parental choice and use of their child's School Vouchers or Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) like is done in a similar manner in Arizona today.


On the State Level.

Missouri State Constitution, Article 1, Section 5:

“That all men and women have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences; that no human authority can control or interfere with the rights of conscience; that no person shall, on account of his or her religious persuasion or belief, be rendered ineligible to any ...profit in this state...” 

My precious children and I have been blatantly “rendered ineligible” for not only “profit” (that profit being access to our children’s fair share of education resources) but even to a response back from the school, because of our “worship” of “Almighty God according to the dictates of” our “own consciences”. Such consciences have been formed by a cognitive review of honest Science and honest History (as illustrated in my presentation) and a careful review of the most accurate history book in the world, the Holy Bible, compelling us to only recognize Almighty God as the true Creator and to never bestow this profound recognition of Creator to any other god or creed.

But the SPS endlessly and boldly demand that our tender and beautiful children from at least 2nd through 12 grade confess with their mouths and in the clarity of ink on school tests that Darwinian Evolution is their true creator making their blasphemy complete, repetitive, and in writing.


Above Left: Assignment from currently used SPS text book, Miller & Levine Biology ISBN-13: 978-0-13-366951, page 570:

 Above is shown an assignment from a currently used SPS Biology text book. The students are forced to confess with their mouth that Evolution is their true creator and consequently that God and the Bible are false. That Evolution is their true creator because of Evolution's teaching that life came from non life by natural, not supernatural processes, and that DNA created itself by natural, not supernatural processes, thus creating all aspects of life by natural, not supernatural processes. And consequently stating that God and the Bible are false because the Bible and Jesus Christ Himself recognizes early Genisis as absolutely accurate and creation as a supernatural act and definitively give God the credit for this creation and boldly declare that all humanity will be required to give account to this Creator on a Great Day of Judgment when life is over.

The children are even given talking points to use in their assigned public confession. Ironically, talking points number 2 and 3 are among the most definitive evidences showing Evolution as untrue.

Unconscionably, children are pressured by all the emotional, financial, and social stature of the SPS to confess out loud and even defend out loud the doctrines of faith that make up the religious creed that states that life came from non life and that DNA created itself, both definitively without an intelligent designer. This is a blatant snubbing of Almighty God and a free fall disregard for honest Science and History. Furthermore it mocks our Missouri constitutional mandate for schools for the “diffusion of knowledge”. We have in this area, a diffusion of mis-knowledge, knowledge has been dismissed in place of deception for what seems to be for the conversion of our tender young children to the blind faith Religion of Evolution and the consequent Atheist religious persuasion and behavior that that misinformation gives birth to.

Working together we must not rest until the brilliant light of our good laws is enforced thus protecting all children, their parents, teachers and school staff from a state mandated religion.

It continues, Missouri State Constitution, Article 1, Section 5: "…that the state shall not coerce any person to participate in any prayer or other religious activity..." As I illustrate in my presentation, the SPS heavily coerce the students to "participate in... religious activity" by penalizing them on their school grades that affect their future if they don't declare with their mouths and definitively in writing on school test that Darwinian Evolution is true in spite of its scientific and historical impossibilities. To confess these Evolution miracles as true, life from non life and the by chance creation of DNA, when it is scientifically impossible, illustrates clear and deliberate "religious activity". The Christian faith requires verbal confession of faith (when physically possible) for acceptance by God. It is eerie that the SPS insist that our tender children participate in this same religious rite of verbal confession, confessing that scientific impossibilities are in fact true. This coercion is deplorable, illegal and must end. It continues, Missouri State Constitution, Article 1, Section 5:

"...that to secure a citizen's right to acknowledge Almighty God according to the dictates of his or her own conscience, neither the state nor any of its political subdivisions shall establish any official religion, nor shall a citizen's right to pray or express his or her religious beliefs be infringed..."

Again, the SPS’s coercion of our children to confess faith in the doctrines of Evolution are as illustrated above, illegal. Lets work together and protect our children, implement School Choice, and Provide Greater Economic Opportunity for Teachers.

I ask for your participation as together we touch the stars with our fingertips and do something wonderful.

Thank you,

Swayne Benson Loftis
Parent and former Candidate for the Springfield (Missouri) R-12 School Board 2014 & 2015

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