Right to an Education v. the Religion of Evolution (the online book)                                                                 

Chapter 1

Five Minute Intro


[The following was presented live by Swayne B. Loftis to the Honorable Springfield School Board on November 21, 2006. It took about five minutes. The contents of this book is almost identical as what was presented to the Springfield School Board. There have been a few grammatical corrections and some other [Author's notes] in italicized square brackets have been added. I had numerous photos attached to the end of the Board's 
presentation but I've included such photos through out this e-book form of the presentation. Thank you for reading.]

Introduction & Summary
of Presentation
to the Springfield R-12 School District
Honorable School Board
Springfield, Missouri
Tuesday November 21, 2006

Presentation Title:


By: Swayne Loftis, PO box 8493, Springfield, Missouri, 65801
Email: SwayneLoftis@hotmail.com

Good evening Honorable School Board members, friends and guest. Thank you for your valuable time tonight. I have a very exciting five minute presentation. It is actually a summary of a much longer detailed presentation that I have included in print, text version on CD, and actually an audio version on CD in the portfolio I gave each of you. I know your time is valuable and I am trying to use it efficiently.

A year and a half ago, I was in a dilemma. I was divorced and trying to home school my six beautiful children during the six months out of the year that I had custody of them. I was working full time and paying my older children to do their own school work and help their younger siblings with theirs. When I would get home I reviewed their work and covered special subjects. It was very difficult. I clearly realized why public schools get over $6,000 per student per year to educate children. There’s a lot to it.

Why don’t my former wife and I send our beloved children to the Springfield Public Schools? Several reasons. The most important is our faith in Jesus Christ and in the Holy Bible.

Jesus says in Mark 8:38,

If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels.


To be ashamed of Jesus in front of people puts a person at risk of God’s eternal punishment. This is huge. It is very important to my former wife and I that our precious children are not unreasonably risking God’s eternal punishment as they simply try to get an education. We support other parents right to exercise their religious faith without government persecution, and we support our own right to do so.

So, there I was, my dear children struggling to get the education that they deserve and need. I was overwhelmed emotionally and time wise trying to educate them. So one morning I was praying before going to work and I said, “God, it is so hard to educate my sweet children when I don’t get one dime of my education tax dollars.” I continued, “Gracious Lord, there is only one reason why we don’t get our share of school tax dollars. It is because we won’t deny our faith in you.” I said, “Lord, Help me.”

At that moment, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. Almighty God spoke to me and said this, “Swayne, if you go to the Honorable Springfield School Board and articulate, explain this horrible injustice, I will not only give you your share of your school tax dollars to send your children to private school, but I will give every parent in the State of Missouri their share of their school tax dollars to send their children to what ever school they want them to attend.” He continued, “Swayne, I can do this because I am God.”

I just paused and said, “Thank you, Lord.” Yes, it has taken a year and a half for me to finally get here. But I am here and I am doing the part that God told me to do. And Honorable School Board, I am asking you to do your part and I am sure God has the capacity to finish all the other details involved.

 Swayne & Lisa Loftis children in 2003

My written presentation addresses this: The Springfield Public Schools systematically, from the early grades through high school pressure students to embrace the religious faith of Evolution and consequently deny, in my children’s case, faith in Jesus Christ. This is a profound violation of the First Amendment. The solution to this is to put 90% of my children’s fair share of their school tax dollars into 3rd party Education Escrow Accounts to be invested into the public or private school my choice. In 2002, the US Supreme Court cleared the way for this liberating concept, [Endnote 4] My children’s private school should have the same financial resources as the deeply religious Springfield Public Schools that embrace Evolution.

Thank you.

Swayne B. Loftis

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