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Chapter 4

Evolution: The Blind Faith Religion

Evolution explained:

Right now, let’s take a look at what the Springfield Public Schools insist my children believe and confess as truth about the origin of the Earth and of life.

I want to first point out that the term “Micro Evolution”as illustrated in chapter 18, starting on page 301 in the high school biology text book (Biology, eighth edition, Sylvia S Mader, used in the Springfield R-12 Public Schools), is sound science. “Micro Evolution”, in short is what dog breeders use to create a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and other characteristics in dogs. Also the manipulation of plants to create desired offspring is an example of “Micro Evolution”. The clear limits of “Micro Evolution” are that no offspring can go beyond the gene pool of its parents. In other words, a dog will never, ever have kittens, and a corn stalk will never, ever have offspring that grows into a pine tree.

[Author’s note: There is the mutation element, but as this chapter 18 in this High School Biology book illustrates, mutations don’t go far because of a problem with sterility and other issues.]

This sound science of “Micro Evolution” is mixed with bogus science. That is where the problem is.

Bogus Science


The McDougal Littell high school Earth science book (Earth Science, Spaulding-Mamowitz, used in the Springfield R-12 School District), page 70 says; “Earth formed from a whirling cloud of gas and debris into a multilayered sphere, which has since been losing heat.” and then on the same page says, “Earth as you know it today is the result of changes that have occurred over billions of years.”

It is important to note that the text book’s explanation of the creation of the Earth completely rejects a six, 24 hour day, creation of the Earth by an intelligent and deliberate Creator. The Genesis account of creation is so detailed making it obvious that this text book completely rejects the version of creation taught by Jesus Christ and the book of Genesis. The Bible goes out of its way to illustrate that between Adam and Jesus, only about 4,000 years and a maximum of 84 generations occurred.

But the text book says, “Earth as you know it today is the result of changes that have occurred over billions of years.” They boldly state in print that Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible are not just wrong, but that they are catastrophically wrong. Billions of years compared to just 6,000 years? That is a catastrophic difference.

This Chapter also completely avoids the very obvious question to be asked when discussing the beginning of the Earth and the solar system, “Where did the original mater, the sterile elements, come from?” Remember, elements are extremely complex, an amazing universe unto themselves. Where did the original elements come from?

It is scientifically impossible for substance (elements) to have come from nothing, not to mention the complexity of design stuffed into each atom. In all of the School’s curriculum about the origin of the Earth and life, this most basic beginning question of where did the elements come from?” is avoided. Evolution is a futile religion that is profoundly discredited by honest Science. I defend the rights of those who want to embrace the religion of Evolution, but I also defend my right and my children’s right to study Science honestly even if the truth offends the Establishment’s Religion.

The only scientific answer here is that an extremely brilliant agent that exists beyond our world’s limitations, had to create the elements. It is not even arguable that another answer exist. It has nothing to do with religious bias, it is simply the result of reviewing the facts.

How Life Began, according to Evolution

Let’s look at what the Springfield Public Schools demand my children believe when it comes to how life began.

In the high school biology book (Biology, eighth edition, Sylvia S. Mader, Chapter 19, Origin and History of Life) page 320, the Springfield Public Schools say,

“Today we do not believe that life arises spontaneously from nonlife, and we say that ‘life only comes from life.’ But if this is so, how did the first form of life come about?”

That is the perfect question to ask. The Springfield Public Schools continue,

“Since it was the very first living thing, it had to come from non living chemicals.”

“Today we do not believe that life arises spontaneously from nonlife…” Do you know why? Because sound Science is built on hypotheses that can be validated, and not once has life come “from nonlife.” Never!

The old saying, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with baloney,” describes in a nutshell the method of persuasion used to forward the Religion of Evolution in the Springfield Public Schools. Here is a prime example. The authors know that it is scientifically impossible for life to come from sterile chemicals. They begin to baffle the young tender students with bogus Science. They say, “Since it was the very first living thing, it had to come from non living chemicals.”

Because Evolutionist struggle with the origin of life, they, at this very moment, throw the governing principles of sound Science completely out the window and start saying what they wish was true. Millions and probably billions of dollars have been spent trying to create life from “non living chemicals” with out any success. Not one single successful experiment. But because the Springfield Public Schools’ fervor of religious faith is more intense than their devotion to honest Science, they say, “…it [life] had to come from non living chemicals.”

Now, they are correct by implying that something beyond the ordinary occurred when life began, but instead of staying true to science, they revert to their deeply held religious belief in Evolution. Even though it has been proven to the most far reaching degree that life can not come from “non living chemicals” they still chose to say, “…it had to.” All scientific and honest reasoning is demanded to be forfeited by my children as they are ordered at this moment to become deeply religious and to believe in the impossible. That the teachings of Evolution, including the belief “that life arises spontaneously from nonlife” is true no mater what cognitive thought may otherwise conclude. 



Chapter 5

Thought Patrol and Its Iron Fist

Unbelievable Thought Patrol: Thinking About the Bible Implied as a Crime

On page 300 of the high school biology book (Biology, eighth edition, Sylvia S. Mader, used in the Springfield R-12 Public Schools), the curriculum says, “No wonder most scientists in our country are dismayed when state legislatures or school boards rule that teachers must put forward a variety of ‘theories’ on the origin of life, including one that runs contrary to the mass of data that support the theory of evolution.”

Can you feel the cringing in the voice of Evolutionist as they insists that all information other than their own be banned from the classroom.

The curriculum continues. “In California, the Institute for Creation Research advocates that students be taught an ‘intelligent-design theory’ that says that DNA could never have arisen without the involvement of an ‘intelligent agent,’ and that gaps in the fossil record mean species arose fully developed with no antecedents.”


It is common knowledge that the Science of Probability says that it is mathematically impossible for DNA to have invented itself [End note 6], and that there are huge gaps in the fossil record as noted in the Springfield high school Earth Science text book (tenth edition, Tarbuck - Lutgens) on page 286, “…the evidence for an ancient Earth is concealed in its rocks…Many pages, especially in the early chapters, are missing.”. So the Institute of Creation Research in this case is only quoting widespread accepted mathematics and archeological trues.

The Springfield Schools continue, “…the advocates for an intelligent-design theory are careful to never mention the Bible or ideas such as God created the world in seven days.”

For crying out loud. When a Christian enters the debate of the origin of life and mentions God or the Bible, he or she is some how unworthy of education dollars. But if he or she is discussing the origin of life and doesn’t “mention the Bible or ideas such as God created the world in seven days,” (it was 6 days, by the way) then the Springfield Public Schools accuse that Christian of the crime of thinking about the “Bible or ideas such as God…” This system must be defeated, and I’m here today to say, “No.” No more stealing my children’s education dollars just because they choose to think about God!


[Author's note: It seems that in the eyes of the Springfield Public Schools, the Declaration of Independence [End note 9] itself is unconstitutional since it "unanimously" declares that "...nature's God..." exists, and sites "self evident" "truths" "that all men are created equal,... by their Creator..." So the Declaration of Independence itself unanimously declares that there is a nature's God and describes him as Creator and "the Supreme Judge of the world" and sites his creation of men as absolute fact and thus the moral foundation for all men's equality. If the Springfield Public Schools could, it seems they would lock up our founding fathers for exercising too much intellectual freedom and for the unconscionable sin of believing in God and boldly declaring such belief in our foundational laws. Unless this runaway train of illegal persecution practiced in public schools is met with brave American courage that says, "No!" it will soon completely hamstring our religious freedom.]

Ironically, the Springfield Public Schools themselves have felt completely comfortable to, in this chapter 17 alone, not only think about “the Bible or ideas such as God…”, but to actually make 18 verbal references to the Bible and God. They used these words:

God created, 1 time on pages 284

God created the world in seven days, 2 times on page 300

Church, 1 time on page 300 Religious, 2 times on pages 284 and 300

Bible, 1 time on page 300

Biblical account of creation, 2 times on pages 281 and 282

Old Testament, 2 times on page 300

Judeo-Christian teachings, 1 time on page 283

Special creation, 2 times on pages 283 and 284

Divinity school, 1 time on page 285

Instant work of a Creator, 1 time on page 288

Work of a super natural being who created each species at the beginning of the world, 1 time on page 298

God’s divine plan, 1 time on page 298

All the references are made to belittle Christian faith and those that would dare to share such faith.

The Springfield Public Schools combined with the establishment Religion of Evolution have become a brutal arm of persecution. They are not just the word patrol, but also as illustrated above, the thought patrol.


Obviously the US Constitution’s First Amendment is being profoundly violated. The Springfield Public Schools have become a monster and an enemy of the First Amendment, religious freedom, and the genius that has made America great. The Springfield Public Schools must have their financial power removed from them or they will continue to brutalize tender children like mine and insist that children pit themselves against Almighty God by accepting bogus Science.

My children’s curriculum continues, “Still teachers that have a good scientific background do not feel comfortable teaching an intelligent-design theory because it does not meet the test of a scientific theory.”

Listen to this; teachers that don’t gobble up this pipe dream of the establishment’s Religion of Evolution are officially tagged by all the social, political, and financial weight of the Springfield School District as not having “a good scientific background.” If the Springfield Public Schools are willing to, in print, in the very curriculum, debase and humiliate Science teachers that dare to look at Science honestly, without the religious bias of Evolution, do you have any idea what the system and instructors are doing to far less influential children who dare to seek the truth. I have chosen not to go into those stories, but I will tell you this, it is very humiliating and degrading what is done to scientifically honest children. 


By the way, the public schools' approach of using humiliation and bogus Science is working. I heard on the radio recently, and it makes sense to me, that Christian children that attend the Evolution permeated public schools are far more likely to abandon faith in Jesus Christ than those that attend a school that is honest about Science and the origin of life.

The Springfield Public Schools’ curriculum says, “Still teachers that have a good scientific background do not feel comfortable teaching an intelligent-design theory because it does not meet the test of a scientific theory.” More baffling with baloney to try to mislead my children and other parent’s children in a powerful ploy to convert them to the establishment’s Religion. The book says that they insist on a theory meeting “the test of scientific theory” as they marginalize honest Science teachers. But in reality, the establishment religion of Evolution is given a free ride when it comes to “the test of scientific theory.”


Back to page 320 in the Biology text book, the Springfield Public Schools state as absolute fact that “the very first living thing…had to come from non living chemicals.” Watch this. They then invest the rest of page 320 through 324 explaining how life might have come “from non living chemicals”. Those 4 pages are filled with fascinating theories and experiments, but even after spending millions and perhaps billions of dollars on these experiments, not one most primitive single cell life form has ever come into being. In other words, when the theory was tested, and I mean, over and over and over, it hasn’t worked.

This is a profound problem to the establishment’s religious teachings that life evolved “from non living chemicals.” This special treatment for Evolution, not requiring it to take “the test of scientific theory,” again illustrates that Evolution in the Springfield Public Schools is far from a scientific theory, it is a beloved religion worthy to defy reason.

Some critics may say that non belief in God contained in Evolution lacks religious entity. Not so. We as humans never live in a vacuum of reasoning. What we believe about our selves, our past and the world around us, whether it is correct or not, is the pool we draw from when we make moral decisions. That pool is religious by nature. Evolution extremely so, because it teaches its followers that all life is a descendent from mindless random chance. There are huge moral issues at play with this concept. Consequently, Evolution is a god that will not hold us accountable or reward us in a world to come for what we do in this world.

LEFT PHOTO: Adolf Hitler on German postage stamp. RIGHT PHOTO: High-Altitude medical experiments in Dachau. In order to test how pilots who have to eject from their planes will fare, SS doctors simulated high-altitude conditions in a chamber, and exposed people to these conditions. Many Jewish prisoners died during such experiments. In order for the simulation to be as real as possible, the prisoner is hung by parachute straps.http://www.shamash.org/holocaust/photos/#Press

If you remember in world history, Adolf Hitler used Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to help persuade the educated people of Germany that some humans were closer to primitive life forms than others, so it was not “immoral” to do cruel experiments on their bodies, and if they lived, just kill them. In fact, armed with Darwin’s Theory, Hitler persuaded the Germans that eradicating the Jews, would improve the quality of the human race. How a person believes life came about has a huge affect on how he or she treats their neighbor.

The Springfield Public Schools continue to scorn those that would dare to be honest in the world of Science. The tender young children placed in these classrooms are required by law to be there. The parents of these children will be placed in jail while their children are removed from their care if the parents don’t force their children to submit to their curricular instruction. The only out is if the parents can afford private schooling. Greene County law enforcement officers and court have placed numerous parents in jail for significant periods of time for not sending their tender children to the Springfield Public Schools.

[Authors Note: Examples being
• Truancy case difficult to appeal Thu Jun 12, 2008 News-Leader A day after a Walnut Grove woman received jail time for not sending her son to school, lawyers on both sides of the case expressed disappointment with how she was punished. That'... Parents accused of letting kids miss school Wednesday Dec 19, 2007 News-Leader Five parents of four children in the Springfield school district accused of allowing their children to miss school face fines and, potentially, jail time. Greene County Assistant Pros... Steve Koehler]

The Springfield Public Schools continue their humiliation and scorning on page 300 (of the high school biology book Biology, eighth edition, Sylvia S Mader, used in the Springfield R-12 Public Schools). The curriculum says,

“Should schools be required to teach an intelligent-design theory that traces its roots back to the Old Testament and is not supported by observation and experimentation?”

Make no mistake, this is some of the darkest and most destructive strong arm tactics in the United States. All the power that can possibly be invested in a school, a class and an instructor, an entire institution, has once again unashamedly declared that the Old Testament, they called it by name mind you, “is not supported by observation and experimentation”. The truth is profoundly the opposite.


The Springfield Public Schools go out of their way to speak harsh, hateful, and demeaning words to all students, their parents and teachers that don’t completely accept, hook, line, and sinker, the establishment’s religion of Evolution. Springfield Public Schools say on page 300, “intelligent-design theory that traces its roots back to the Old Testament…is not supported by observation and experimentation”.

[Remember, it is scientificly imposible for substance and DNA to have been created on its own. Religious bias aside, a supernatural force had to create it. So the Old Testament makes perfect scientific sense. This DNA reality forced the current "prophet" of Evolution, Charles Dalkins, to step out of sound Science and say in the 2008 Ben Stine movie/documentary "EXPELLED: NO INTELIGENCE ALLOWED" that "Alians" from outer space could be the source of DNA on the earth.]


You have heard of “Witch hunts”? Well, this is the big brother “Christian Hunt”. Notice the Springfield Public Schools lung for the throat of Christians in their curriculum. They are not satisfied to discuss science from a factual basis, they insist on bringing up the Bible and the Old Testament by name and then blasting them as untrue and unscientific.

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