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Chapter 6

Holy Bible Profoundly Validated by Science

Overwhelming Evidence that Evolution is Dishonest and the Holy Bible is Profoundly Validated by Science.


LEFT TWO PHOTOS: (Photo credits to Dr. Don Patterson http://www.bible.ca/tracks/tracks.htm)  More profound evidence that humans lived with dinosaurs. Right Photo: human track in dinosaur track on "Taylor Trail" Please click for 3 min Video.

I said earlier that if Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible are true, the Earth will be packed with collaborating evidence.

So, lets look at some of the evidence. On page 292 in the biology text book (Biology, eighth edition, Sylvia S Mader, used in the Springfield R-12 Public Schools), the Evolutionist say,

“The fossil record is rich in information. One of its most striking patterns is a succession of life-forms from the simple to the more complex.”

Evolutionist use this line for all its worth, saying that lower life forms are found deeper in the Earth and higher evolved life forms are found closer to the surface. This is more baloney designed to baffle the young students. Attachment B shows numerous photos of human foot prints with Dinosaur foot prints near Glen Rose, TX. Not only are there human foot prints on the same strata as dinosaur foot prints, but a fossilized human finger and human teeth have been found on the same strata. These photos absolutely destroy the fantasy taught by Evolutionist that humans and dinosaurs lived 60 million years apart.


ABOVE PHOTO: (Photo credits to Dr. Don Patterson  http://www.bible.ca/tracks/fossilized-human-finger.htm) Fossilized human finger found in the Glen Rose Formation near Glen Rose, Texas.

Are human footprints found in stone rare? Not as rare as you might think. In the 6th grade Social Studies text book, The Ancient World, (Springfield R-12 School District, Prentice Hall, copyright 2003), on page 14 we find this;

“In 1976, a group of scientists looking for evidence of early humans discovered the footprints, preserved in stone. They were amazed at their find. The footprints are almost identical to those made by modern humans walking in wet sand.”

ABOVE LEFT: (Photo credits to Dr. Don Patterson http://www.bible.ca/tracks/fossilized-hammer.htm) This unique iron hammer with partially coalified wooden handle was found near London, Texas in Lower Cretaceous Limestone , supposedly 140 million years old (the time of the dinosaurs). According to evolutionary theory, this hammer must have been made by dinosaurs. RIGHT PHOTO One of several very shallow but almost perfect human tracks found in the mountains of New Mexico in the Permian (supposedly before the dinosaurs). More on these New Mexico prints: http://www.genesispark.com/exhibits/evidence/paleontological/footprints/

Also in Attachment B there is a photograph of an iron hammer clearly made by humans but is still incased in Ordovician strata rock, found near London, Texas. The Ordovician strata rock is dated by Evolutionist from 140 to 500 million years old. Obviously, Evolutionist’s dates are profoundly inaccurate and deceptive. Evolutionist insist that “Iron Age” man didn’t live until a few thousand years ago, not millions.

[Author’s note: The point is that intelligent hammer making people are either 140 million years old, or the Ordovician rock is really only a few thousand years old. It can’t be both.]

An honest question is, “How did light from stars millions of light years away reach Earth in just 6,000 years?” There are two reasonable options. One; God created trees already grown for food for Adam, and Adam was made a grown man from his beginning, so it would be reasonable for the light to already be reaching Earth to delight Earth’s inhabitants. Second; Barry Stutterfield of Creation Science Foundation illustrates a theory of light-speed decay that would make light speed at infinite at the time of creation 6,000 years ago.

[Author's note: Evolutionist may suggest that the big bang is a better explanation for star light than the Bible's creation account. However, even though you seldom hear this, the big bang theory has a light travel-time problem of its own making it scientifically impossible! The issue is called the “horizon problem.” http://www.answersingenesis.org/creation/v25/i4/lighttravel.asp ]

Remember, Evolutionist don't admit it, but they require their followers to believe in endless miracles for Evolution to be true. Miracles like the complex building blocks of life, atoms, somehow made themselves. This is absolutely scientifically impossible. Also, after the atoms supposedly made themselves, "life arises spontaneously from nonlife", and DNA managed not only to invent itself, but create endless characteristics of programming for organisms. Again, all of this has been proven over, and over, and over that it is biologically and scientifically impossible. Mathematics show that it is not even a probability. [End note 6] So the followers of Evolution are required to believe in true miracles.

[Author's note: Frankly, the moon dust argument is a difficult one to nail down because the average person can't travel to the moon and definitively evaluate how much outer space debris is on the Moon’s surface and Nasa is not distributing moon dirt.] Because there is no atmosphere on the moon, all cosmic dust that has landed since its creation has stayed. Remember the feet on the Apollo lunar module? They were large so they could deal with about 50 to 180 feet of cosmic dust, according to measurements in outer space, that would have accumulated there in 4.5 billion years. [These are erroneous numbers, the actual depth at current measurable rates should be about 8 inches in 4.5 billion years.] [End note 8] Before his mission, on national TV, Astronaut Neil Armstrong mentioned that very deep dust on the moon was his biggest worry. [End note 7] But when Armstrong arrived to the moon he found only a thin dusting, only a few thousand years of cosmic dust on the moon, not what 4.5 billion years would have clearly collected.


Like cosmic dust, larger outer space debris called meteors constantly travel into the Earth’s atmosphere. We nickname them “shooting stars.” Most of them burn up before they hit the Earth, but a percentage make it all the way to the ground. We call those meteorites. There are so many of them that reach the ground that some people make it a hobby searching for and collecting them.

Well, so many of them reach the ground that if you start multiplying that known number (more or less) by millions and then even billions of years, those meteorites should show up in a uniform way through the geological record (the layers of rock in the Earth).

That is, of course, if in fact the Earth is the result of billions of years of uniform processes like Evolution teaches. Page 287 of the high school Earth Science book (Tarbuck-Lutgens, tenth edition) says, “…that is the pillar of geology today: uniformitarianism. …This means that the forces and processes that we observe presently shaping our planet have been at work for a very long time.”


LEFT PHOTO: Small meteorites. RIGHT PHOTO: Large meteorite at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C.

This is a huge tell tale sign of how the Earth came to be. Does the geological record (layers of rock in the Earth) show a consistent accumulation of meteorites through its entire record. According to the book It’s A Young World After All, by Paul D. Ackerman, pages 25 through 28 the answer is a resounding, No, not even close. [End note 7] In fact he points out that “One survey of the literature a few years ago failed to turn up a single case of a meteorite being found in the geologic column.” This gives evidence that catastrophic up evil in the Earth and world wide flooding quickly produced and laid down huge layers of what is now sedimentary rock. Conclusively erasing the possibility that the geological record shows millions or billions of years of Earth’s history as deceptively represented by Evolutionist.


Right to an Education v. the Religion of Evolution (the online book)

Chapter 7

Holy Bible Profoundly Validated by History

If man has indeed been around one to three million years, then why does recorded civilization consistently only span back to about 5,000 years ago. The McDougal Littell, Earth Science, Spaulding-Mamowitz, high school Earth science text book used in the Springfield R-12 School District, says on page 79,

“For over 5,000 years, there wasn’t much change in how people marked time.”

Now why did this Earth Science book say 5,000 years instead of 10,000 or 25,000 years. Because there is absolutely no creditable historical, archeological, or written evidence that any humans ever lived anywhere on Earth before that time. By the way, the Earth, according to the Bible, is only 6,000 years old.

Watch this statement in the 6th grade Social Studies text book, The Ancient World, (Springfield R-12 School District, Prentice Hall, copyright 2003),

“3500 B.C. Written history begins when writing is invented in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley.” 


This book, like all approved text books in the Springfield Public Schools, whole heartedly embraces the religious faith of Evolution. Now why did the authors say it was “3500 B.C. … when writing is invented”? Remember, Evolutionist believe humans came on the Earth one to three million years ago. Why didn’t the authors say writing was invented 35,000 B.C., or even 10,000 B.C.? Because there is no written history of any kind found anywhere before this time. Actually, the 3500 B.C. is stretching the historical record as I will show in a moment.

The text book gets a little more detailed on page 29,

The first known schools were set up in the land of Sumer (soo mur) over 4,000 years ago. [That’s 2,000 B.C.] Sumerian schools taught boys--and a few girls-- the new invention of writing.”

Remember, it was 2,302 BC, according to Genesis, that Noah, landed his Ark on the Mountains of Ararat. The Mountains of Ararat happen to be just North of the Tigris-Euphrates Valley where "the first known schools were set up" and "the new invention of writing" was taught. Do you think the authors intentionally illustrated that the first school in the world teaching "the new invention of writing" was just after the flood by the people that lived just down the mountain from where Noah landed his Ark? Certainly not, but facts are facts.


So Noah and his seven family members landed 2302 B.C. and, according to this text book, about 300 years later, the first known school on the planet opened near where Noah landed. This isn’t made up. It is just an honest look at history. [Authors note: And it amazingly validates the accuracy of the Holy Bible!]

According to the text book, the oldest recorded account of people in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley is the Sumerians. On page 33 it says a significant city of theirs, Er was destroyed in about 2006 B.C. and was soon rebuilt. War destruction has always been a punctuator of history. So we find this 2006 B.C. incident as the very first war punctuator of world history. Note; it happens to occur about 300 years after Noah landed his Ark, and in close proximity. [Authors note: Again validating the accuracy of the Holy Bible!]

The City of Er is discussed in Genesis 11:31. It is where Abram (later called Abraham) the grandfather of Israel, was born and lived as a young man before moving to Haran.

On page 34 of the Social Studies text book we find Babylonia rivaling the Sumer kingdom in 1759 B.C. The Holy Bible describes the life of the Jewish people in amazing detail over the course of the next 1800 years to Jesus Christ. The Bible accounts are validated to an extreme archeological and historical level. Evolutionist love to imply that it is not. Again, deliberately teaching an inaccurate world view to precious knowledge hunger students. If we are good men and women, we will stop this.


What about the Egyptians and their pyramids? When did their civilization arise. This text book says on page 69 that the Old Kingdom starts at about 2700 B.C. They note that it wasn’t until 1991 B.C. (about 311 years after Noah landed his Ark) that “Literature and art flourish” in Egypt. This is significant. When there are people, they write. They carve into stone, “We are somebody and we want the world to know.” There is plenty of reasonable argument that the accuracy of Egyptian dates reaching past 2300 B.C. are erroneous, but none the less, lets go with it for now. The text book on page 68 says, “According to legend, Egypt’s first dynasty began when a king named Menes (MEE neez) united Upper and Lower Egypt.” Page 69 puts Meenes at 2,700 B.C.

The point here is that it is not thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of years of difference between what the Bible says about the beginning of people and what archeological and historical evidence show. Even stretching the numbers to accommodate Egyptian “legend”, we’re only talking about a discrepancy of a few hundred years.

What about the far east, the area of China? Their written history? How far does it go back? Does it go beyond Noah’s flood? This is a telling question when considering the historical accuracy of the Bible. Let’s see what the clearly devoted to Evolution social studies book says on page 126.

“The Shang dynasty was the first known civilization in China. It arose some time after 1,700 B.C.”



“Writing in China. The earliest examples of Chinese writing appear on turtle shells and animal bones. These were done by the Shang people between 1,750 B.C. and 1,120 B.C.”

Now, do you think that Creationist rigged the volumes of Far East archeological evidence and forced the text book to say that the earliest Chinese writings were done after 1,750 B.C.? Of course not. Again, historical and archeological facts point to civilization not appearing until after Noah’s 2,302 B.C. flood.

How about the people of India? The text book says on page 96 speaking of the Indus River Valley, “From around 2500 B.C. to 1500 B.C. , well-planned cities flourished in the valley.” Even here, it is not 10,000 or 40,000 years ago, but archeological and written historical evidence draws a blank card, according to the text book, earlier than “2500 B.C.” 


The Greek and Roman governments didn’t get their start until about 500 B.C. (pages 173 and 194).

What about the western hemisphere? What are the oldest writings in those civilizations? According to the 7th grade social studies book, Western Hemisphere, Prentice Hall, page 316, their definable written and archeological history starts about 100 A.D., not even B.C.

I asked earlier, “...has the Springfield Public Schools replaced sound science with bogus science and even bogus history simply to defend their anti-God religion of Evolution?”

The answer is, “Yes.” In the 6th grade Social Studies text book, The Ancient World, (Prentice Hall, copyright 2003, used in the Springfield R-12 School District) on page 15, the Springfield Public Schools boldly declare that, “Some 18,000 years ago, people in Central Russia depended on mammoths not only for food but also for shelter. People built huts like this one by fitting mammoth bones together.” The Holy Bible is very clear that the Earth is only about 6,000 years old, give or take a hundred years. Obviously the Springfield Public Schools have chosen to embrace another religious belief and its teaching of the origin of life. Clearly they believe that the Father, the maker of humanity is the scientifically bogus process of Evolution.


Further down the same page, “Fire! Between about 500,000 years ago and about 1,400,000 years ago, there was another important development in human prehistory - the discovery of fire. No one knows how it happened.” This statement is entirely built on the religious belief that Evolutionary processes fathered humanity, not God. There is nothing neutral about this approach because there is not one ember of evidence that those dates are remotely close to when people discovered fire. Adam’s son, Able, offered up offerings of sheep to God in worship in Genesis 4:4,

But Abel brought fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The LORD looked with favor on Abel and his offering,

This is in the neighborhood of 3900 BC. Able probably used fire in his offering but it doesn’t definitively say. However at 2302 B.C. when Noah came out of the Ark, fire is clearly mentioned. Genesis 8:19-20 says,

All the animals and all the creatures that move along the ground and all the birds—everything that moves on the earth—came out of the ark, one kind after another.
Then Noah built an altar to the LORD and, taking some of all the clean animals and clean birds, he sacrificed burnt offerings on it.

Now why did the Springfield Public Schools chose to freely distribute this “500,000” to “1,400,000 years” story instead of the far more documented historical account of Noah. It is completely rooted in the Springfield Public Schools’ devotion to their religious faith in Evolution. There is no historical documentation or archeological evidence supporting their claim. And furthermore they are completely silent about the reasonable claims of first fire.

Page 16 says, “There is evidence that people were living in Asia and Europe at least 500,000 years ago.” Again, honest world history is replaced with bogus history for the sole purpose of trying to persuade these young impressionable students to abandon whatever faith they currently have and accept hook, line and sinker, the established religion of the Springfield Public Schools.


There is no archeological or historical evidence of any such people “living in Asia and Europe at least 500,000 years ago.” None! I just illustrated with the Springfield Public Schools own curriculum that there is no written evidence, not even on rocks, that people lived anywhere on the Earth beyond 6,000 years ago. In fact, even stretching to Egyptian “legends” existence of humans becomes a blank card earlier than 3000 B.C.

The high school Earth Science text book (tenth edition, Tarbuck - Lutgens used in the Springfield R-12 School District), says on page 286, “…the evidence for an ancient Earth is concealed in its rocks…Many pages, especially in the early chapters, are missing.” In fact, there is far more than that missing. None of the evidence of ancient Earth as described by Evolution is concealed in its rocks. However if you listen to them, you would think that there is glowing evidence of the ascension of species.

 Photo and story from http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/cm/v21/n3/dating- dillema#fnMark_1_8_1  PHOTO ABOVE: Wood Radiocarbon (14C) dated at 33,720 years old embedded in sandstone radiometric dated at "225–230 million year old." . Obviously the wood can't be 34,000 years old and the rock that it is incased in be 230 million years old. This and numerous other examples conclusively prove the Radiocarbon and Radiometric dating methods are catastrophically flawed. But when Evolution is your beloved Religion, sound science just doesn't matter any more as is currently the case in the SPS. 

So what about radiometric dating techniques? The Earth Science text book says on page 303, “Radiometric dating has vindicated the ideas of James Hutton, [and] Charles Darwin, …who inferred that geological time must be immense.” On page 298 the book says, “…the dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago.” Then on page 312 a chart illustrates that “Humans develop” at about two million years ago and that the dinosaurs died out about 63 million years earlier. This is actually taught as believable scientific information in the Springfield Public Schools. The chart looks impressive on paper, but in reality, it is a calculated deception of precious young minds.


PHOTOS ABOVE: Skeletons of ten perfectly modern humans have been excavated from fifty eight feet down in the Dakota Sandstone, over an area spanning about 50 by 100 feet. This formation is a member of the Lower Cretaceous, supposedly 140 million years old. It is known for its dinosaurs and is the same formation found at Dinosaur National Monument. This is more irrefutable evidence that modern man lived with dinosaurs! Please click on photos for enlargements.


PHOTOS ABOVE: This perfectly modern human jaw bone and teeth have been completely replaced by turquoise and was found at the site (noted above). Note also a top view of the same jaw showing detail of the teeth. More irrefutable evidence that modern man lived with dinosaurs! Please click on photos for enlargements.

Remember, not 63 hundred years of separation between man and dinosaurs, but 63 million years! Attachment B shows pictures of dinosaurs and modern human foot prints on the same strata walking together at the same time. Also shown is a fossilized human finger and teeth found on the same strata as the dinosaur foot prints. Furthermore, shown is a photo of a man made hammer still incased in Ordovician strata rock, found near London, Texas. The Ordovician strata rock is dated by Evolutionist as 140 to 500 million years old.

In short, these profound archeological finds have been carefully removed from all of Springfield Public Schools curriculum. Why? Because such information is devastating to the beloved establishment religion of Evolution. This is more evidence showing how deeply religious the Springfield Public Schools are.

MIDDLE PHOTO: This spectacular fossil footprint was found in July of 2000 by amateur archaeologist, Alvis Delk of Stephenville, Texas and is now on display at the Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, TX. LEFT PHOTO: Fossilized Hand Print. This fossil which corresponds perfectly to a human handprint shows astounding detail. Even the print of the thumb nail can be seen. It is found in the Glen Rose limestone which is designated as Middle Cretaceous, supposedly 110 million years old and contemporary with the dinosaurs! RIGHT PHOTO: This cat track (9 inches across) was found in the same layer with the Burdick track, Middle Cretaceous, supposedly 110 million years old. Evolutionists, like Richard Dawkins, have acknowledged that finding a large mammal with the dinosaurs is just as devastating to evolutionary theory as finding humans. Richard Dawkins, Oxford "If a single, well verified mammal skull were to turn up in 500 million year old rocks, our whole modern theory of evolution would be utterly destroyed. (The Blind Watchmaker, 1986, p.225)

Is there historical evidence from many ancient cultures that a world wide flood occurred, supporting the Biblical account of Noah? Yes, very much so. According to the extremely documented book, In Search of Noah’s Ark by Dave Balsiger & Charles E. Sellier Jr., Sun Classic Pictures, Inc. Copyright 1976, ISBN 0-917214-01-3, on page 27, about 650 B.C., Assyrian king Ashurbanipal wrote on one clay tablet, “I have read the artistic script of Sumer on the back of Akkadian, which is hard to master. Now I take pleasure in the reading of the stones coming from before the flood.” This very literary king referenced “the flood”. In this kings elaborate Nineveh library, was the Epic of Gilgamesh. This is a story of Noah’s Ark using different names. The epic originated with the Sumerians, the nation noted by the 6th grade Social Studies text book, The Ancient World, on page 29 as having the first known school on Earth.

According to In Search of Noah’s Ark, page 31, China has a legend of a world flood that occurred between 2300 and 2297 B.C. with only 8 people surviving, like Genesis says. The author notes that even today in China, the word used for “ship” is a picture of a “boat” and “eight mouths” representing eight people, like the eight people on the original boat that saved the human linage.

I did research and this is what I found:

Ship = Boat + Eight + Mouth

= + 八 + 口

[Google an English to Chinese translation dictionary to investigate.]

On Page 32 they say, “In America there are 58 different Indian deluge accounts. The Navajo Indians believed that the Grand Canyon was the result of the Great Flood.” Furthermore, the evidence in this book and other presentations is very compelling for one to conclude that there is in fact a large wooden boat on Mount Ararat, just where the Bible says Noah’s Ark landed.

[Author's note: Huge quantities of Sedimentary rock around the world with coal, oil and other fossils layered in them illustrate catastrophic worldwide flooding that happened quickly, just like the Bible says. please see http://www.ctvn.org/originsarchive.asp & http://www.answersingenesis.org/creation/v23/i2/coal.asphttp://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/am/v2/n1/origin-of-oil ]

The point here is that there is a world of historical and archeological evidence that Noah’s flood occurred just as Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible say, but such evidences are sacrificed by the Evolution loving Springfield Public Schools as to not endanger the continuation of the establishment’s religion of non belief in God found in Evolution.

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